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Bluefin Tuna Charters

We offer full day charters for both giant bluefin tuna and school bluefin. This is the most exciting fishing the East Coast has to offer, or arguably anywhere on the planet. Fish range from 50lbs 1,200lbs, with catches in the 500lb to 800lb range being common. Please be advised, any Bluefin Tuna over 73" will either be sold by the captain or released if a commercial sale is not permitted on that day.

Full Day Bluefin 8-10hrs $1,300

100 inch Giant Bluefin Tuna caught in Cape Cod Bay

Striped Bass Charters

A day chasing Striped Bass offers so many options. We can target the fish on topwater, troll divers for them, use live bait, chase the fish in shallow water, or out into a hundred feet of water. Striped Bass are abundant, fun to catch, and delicious to eat. I highly recommend this trip to both the seasoned angler, and the first time fisherman alike. Recent years have provided a large concentration of large striped bass inshore feeding on baitfish close to shore. This has led to some tremendous fishing. With many options possible each day, we will chose a fishing location based on what the guests want, and where the fishing is best. 

30 pound Striped Bass caught on spinning gear

4hr Striped Bass $750

6hr Striped Bass $1,000

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